Welcome to the No Excuses University at Charter School of the Dunes

Charter School of the Dunes welcomes students in grades Kindergarten through 8, regardless of their previous academic success: students who wish to learn, students who have fallen behind, students who have been told their aspirations are beyond reach.

We provide students and staff with a safe, supportive environment to pursue personal development through an individualized plan tailored to their unique needs. We focus on real-time data. Students receive differentiated instruction from our highly trained certified staff. We aim to educate each student to high academic learning standards using an environmentally focused curriculum that fosters knowledge, love, and respect for the environment and the will to preserve it for future generations.

Enrollment for the new school year is underway and we invite you to visit the school for more information.

Office hours are Monday-Friday 7:30 am - 3:30 pm.

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