Student/Parent Technology Support 

FAQs (eLearning Devices)

How To Sign Into: Chromebooks and CSD Email 

If you're not able to sign in with the email, please contact your child's teacher by email. 

Class Dojo

Troubleshooting Issues with T-Mobile Hot Spots: 

How do I turn the Hot Spot on? 

When you open the box, there should be a power button on the side of the device. When you push this, it turn on. You should see some information on the screen on the top. To get the name of the hot spot to connect too, click the power button to go through the menu's until you see: Wi-Fi Name (most should be something along the lines of Franklin T9 XXXX)

How do I connect my  child's Chromebook to the Wi-Fi? 

Follow these instructions: 

How do I know how much battery life is left? 

The battery indicator is on the main screen in the right corner. If you notice that it is getting low, connect it to the power cord that was provided and plug it into an outlet.