Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones


Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education (Purdue University Northwest)

Years in Education: This will be my 8th year teaching.

Teaching Philosophy: I believe that all students can be successful, lifelong learners through innovative curriculum, instruction, and assessment. My role as a classroom teacher is to ensure that all of my students learn and make progress toward their goals. I believe it is my responsibility to my students to provide them with an environment where they can feel welcome, comfortable, and safe on a daily basis. I am to provide all of my students with interactive, fun, hands-on activities to help them grow academically, socially, and emotionally. I believe I make a difference in every student that walks in my classroom doors every year!

Things you enjoy doing on your time off: On my time off, I enjoy hanging out with my family. We have six children in our home so we spend a lot of time at school games, programs, and concerts. We also enjoy playing games, swimming, and watching movies together. In the fall, we really enjoy cook-outs at my parents house with S’MORES and being circled around a bonfire just talking and laughing the evening away!