Safe Traffic Procedures

2019-2020 School Bus Schedule

We take great pride in our school as we continue to grow and enhance the lives of our students. CSD’s commitment to our students includes their safety. It’s important that students are safe at all times, please follow the instructions of CSD staff & posted signs.

Due to speeding cars and trucks; Pedestrian traffic crossing on Old Hobart Road will not be allowed during morning drop-off or after-school pick-up. Please remain in your car and follow the pick-up procedure. All traffic must exit to the North (turn right).

Speed Limit: 5 MPH

Be prepared to drop off / pick-up your student. Be courteous at all times.

Quiet Zone: School is in session. For the safety of all children, staff, parents and visitors, music/audio volume should be turned off or at a minimal level. If you cannot hear our instructions, you have created an unsafe environment.


Bus Routes & Times

Thank you for your patience and support. Our schedules will change as needed. It is very helpful and recommended that you provide your contact information and an alternative contact person’s number attached to your child’s book-bag or clothing.

The buses have a schedule, it is important that you are on time for departure and pick-up of your student(s). Parents that are not on time to pick-up their child will be asked to find alternative transportation. Students may only ride their assigned bus. Violators will lose all bus privileges.

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